Back to Basics: Blockchain

We have all heard of blockchain being used for cryptocurrency and data storage, but the technology itself isn’t as new as it presents itself to be. Blockchain was first outlined back in 1991 for a timestamp system where the data could not be altered. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that blockchain had its first real world use case with the launch of Bitcoin. But what is it? And why are companies leaning towards it?

In traditional applications, data is stored in a single location — either a cloud or in a database on a localized computer. This data is then…

We recently had an AMA session with ICO Speaks and Decentralized Club. We have put together a list of the more insightful and important questions in the hopes this can help users answer any questions about our project and what we do.

About the project:

Soku Swap is a fully decentralized global cryptocurrency exchange that lives on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network. Our focus is customer service and crypto education

Bitcoin was made out of the need for decentralization and the need to give everyone financial freedom and control over their funds.

Centralized exchanges have pulled the rug…

The First DEX to Focus on Customer Service

Soku Swap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has announced to launch its DEX protocol based on Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain network in response to the growing demand of crypto users for interoperable platforms and a better alternative to rising gas fees on the Ethereum network. The launch comes after rigorous testing of the platform’s features, which has proven to be effective in operation and smooth user experience.

Soku Swap uses a new type of trading model called automated liquidity protocol to create liquidity pools of tokens, which allows users to trade using an algorithm instead of an order book…

Soku Swap Scavenger Hunt for the $1 Million Dollar Treasure

The buzzy scavenger hunt for $1 million worth of SOKU tokens is officially on!

Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange that lives on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It allows users to trade tokens between two blockchains from a single wallet — with privacy and a lower fee. At the center of the Soku Swap ecosystem lies the Soku token. It is a BEP-20 token that users can earn by participating in the token sale program. Additionally, users can win SOKU from the ongoing scavenger hunt.

Soku Swap’s online scavenger hunt aims to engage its community members with…

The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has allowed millions of users across the world to achieve privacy, freedom and stability. The idea of decentralization in the crypto space is to give users control over their funds, investments and privacy without any interference from banks and third parties. In addition to this, decentralization solves the problem of corruption, inefficient services and systemic failures within the financial system.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is virtual currency built on blockchain technology to record and facilitate transactions. The system is decentralized, which means the currency owned by users is not co-owned or managed by…

You’ll soon be able to trade from one wallet, one DEX but on both the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain- All courtesy of Soku Swap Exchange.

The Soku Swap Exchange team is delighted to introduce to you a unique decentralized exchange that allows you to trade on both the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain. The team has been very busy with building a platform that would not only solve the endemic problem of being down right confused on how to use a DEX, but also how we could make learning to trade fun, easy and profitable.


The easiest place to trade crypto, guaranteed!

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